Caddy in front of Apache

I am thinking to move my website (running on Apache) to another server. In the last time I fell love with Caddy and I am thinking to add this in front of Apache. It is a good idea?

Advantages would be:

  • easy SSL setup
  • easy subdomain setup
  • reverse proxy to internal services etc.

Maybe I loose some performance, but advantages are great.

Where should I start? Apache should be running on different port as :80, :443 then I need some Caddy magic here.

Why not serve your website straight from Caddy?

For Automatic HTTPS to work, you will need to give ports 80 and 443 to Caddy, unless you configure DNS validation. Simplest setup is to simply run Caddy to serve your site.

Second simplest setup is to run Apache on a higher, firewalled port (e.g. 8080) and run Caddy on 80/443, with a reverse proxy to Apache.