Caddy as a Lets Encrypt client

Maybe this is a bit left field, but I was wondering whether the Lets Encrypt TLS certs that Caddy downloads on first connection could be used for another webserver such as Apache.I know the whole point of Caddy is to use Caddy but Lets Encrypt clients on windows are few and far between.

If desired could someone use Caddy to download a TLS cert for their site then move it from the Caddy folder and install it with Apache? Or is there a technical reason why this would not work?

Don’t use Caddy as a Let’s Encrypt client. I just cannot recommend that. :confused:

But you can use its underlying library, lego, as a Let’s Encrypt client on Windows. It has a CLI you can use that runs as simply as Caddy does, but is built specially and only for certificate management!

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