Caddy and google cloud run

Sharing a project I just finished.

This is a pretty simple go http server that I setup to aggregate some team calendars in the form of ics/ical files for my son’s soccer coach.

I used google cloud run to host the container and accept some configuration via http headers.

In place of a google cloud load balancer I have another caddy container mapping paths to upstream headers of the backend service.

Caddy here allows me to easily add new coaches by remapping paths to upstream headers.

Figured I would share it here as I saw others trying to use google cloud run as well.

I have since collapse main to a single container using s6-overlay for init system.
This makes local iteration simpler and requires only a single cloud run instance.


Jeremy, here’s my off topic post gist:e48549b7b94640b361a1874b0ece947a · GitHub

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