Caddy 0.10.7 Released

I’m a bit late announcing this, I know, but Caddy 0.10.7 was released. Most significant in this update is the addition of 3 new plugins, one of which is a secure, end-to-end HTTP/2 forward proxy.

Read all about it in this blog post.

Feel free to discuss here!

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Caddy Excellent!


Unfortunately, something’s broken with forward proxy.
I’ve downloaded a Caddy with forwardproxy plugin checked on, and got the same error both on linux/macOS:
2017/09/05 14:57:37 Caddyfile:2 - Parse error: Unknown directive ‘ports’

Seems like there’s no plugin loaded at all.

What’s your Caddyfile? And output of caddy -plugins.

So in earlier releases, does SIGUSR1 also start using a potentially renewed/replaced/upgraded binary, or does it only reload the Caddyfile?? I think the former, in which case, would it be desirable when upgrading caddy through to give a SIGUSR1 signal?

SIGUSR1 does not reload the binary, it only reloads the Caddyfile. Not sure if I want the install script to be reloading the binary without the user’s explicit consent, interesting idea though…