Caddy 0.10.11 Released

(Matt Holt) #1

After about 5 months of waiting, Caddy 0.10.11 is here! Read the announcement blog post and download the update today.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this possible!

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(Jacob Hands) #3

Snippets brought my Caddyfile down from 117 to 91 lines :smiley:

(Pablo) #4

:open_mouth: what do you have there to make it so big??

(Jacob Hands) #5

11 site blocks with various domains/subdomains with random things on it.
It used to be close to 200 lines but I’ve removed a bunch of stuff I don’t use anymore.

(Matthew Fay) #6

Mine’s 86 lines total across 11 sites before snippets, but I tend to orchestrate my services in production to minimise the required web server configuration.

There’s just so much good stuff in this update, though, it’s awesome.

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(Toby Allen) #7

My Caddyfile is 697 lines long. Admittedly quite a bit of it is comments.