Build html files by using Template Actions


I would like to know if it’s possible to build/export html files. For example a Designer could use Caddy to create website design by taking advantage of template actions like: {{.Include “path/to/file.html”}} but later we would like to deploy the compiled html files to a different Web Server, so the web site design will look exactly the same instead of printing {.Include “path/to/file.html”}}.

Thank you.

Like static site generation? That’s not really what Caddy does in the way that you want, but I recommend hugo for that, it’s awesome.

Hi @matt,

Yes, like static site generator but from the html templates by interpreting actions like {{.Include “”}. I will take a look at Hugo.


I suppose this problem could be re-framed as a caching problem, in which case we do need a good cache middleware for that kind of thing. But to do truly powerful static site generation, Hugo’s your best bet.

Ok, thanks for your reply.

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