Browse commandS


Here is a short excerpt from my caddyfile :

# Prevent any browsing against static html page (ex. : no browsing !)
	browse / /absolute_path_to/no_navigation.html

# 'Browsing' authorized in several pathes ... with home made templates
	browse /path/to/explore/     /absolute/path/navigation_template.tpl
	browse /path/to/explore/2/   /absolute/path/navigation_template2.tpl

I did a lot of tests to find that we could … :

  1. … multiply the ‘browse’ commands,
  2. … block any navigation by responding with a static html page,
  3. … then choose the directories where navigation is allowed
  4. … use different display models of the tree.

But I have some doubts: can you confirm that all this is really possible.
In which case, I think that all this could be added in the “Caddy Guide” ! :sunglasses:

Many thanks for your splendid work !

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