Basic SSL config to sent separate servers

Hello Guys,

I am planning to implement Caddy on my envirement but i have questions.

I have possibility to install Caddy on VM on ubuntu/windows.

What i need is that Caddy function as sent only 443 port to 3 separate servers that already have a SSL production certificate installed and working fine. And absolutely sent it from different subdomains such as

Are there any basic tutorial how i can do that?

Hi @enborlak, welcome to the Caddy community.

Which version of Caddy are you using?

O don’t have installed Caddy but i am planning to install the 1st version not the beta version.

I’d recommend you begin with the official Getting Started with Caddy guide over here:

Then move on to the Caddyfile Tutorial:

They’ll get you up to speed with everything you need to know about getting Caddy serving multiple subdomains. Once you’re familiar with the Caddyfile, the directive you’ll need to have Caddy send those subdomain requests back to your three separate servers is proxy - you can find documentation on that here:

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