Avoid or clearn index page cache in of Ghost CMS?

I’m running Caddy V1 over Ghost CMS.


https://domain.com {
    proxy / localhost:2368
    cache {
        match_path /
        match_header Content-Type image/jpg image/png text/plain text/html
        status_header X-Cache-Status
        default_max_age 15m
        path ./tmp/caddy-cache

I’m doing full page cache. It also stores the homepage which I want to clear after every new post or if possible to not cache homepage.
URL format is for index: domain.com/
URL format is for post domain.com/post-url

How can I avoid index caching or clear if there’s an endoint that can be triggered to clear home cache.

Looks like those cache busting features were never implemented. See the section in the README for the cache plugin: caddy-cache/README.md at master · nicolasazrak/caddy-cache · GitHub

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Seems like it was 3rd part module which should not be used.
Now, I’m thinking should I use caddy or not

You could pair Caddy with Varnish cache same way you would if you used any other web server. Varnish is really good at its job.

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