Auto TLS - Throttling

I have a large number of domains which I have Caddy doing auto tls for.

However due to the “new order” limits with LE, some of my sites don’t work.

Is there any way to have Caddy fall back to http mode if it can’t get a cert for the domain?

Hi @Paul_Smith, welcome to the Caddy community.

If you’ve enabled HTTPS for your sites, Caddy won’t serve a site at odds with your configuration. It’s designed to fail out if it can’t do what you’re asking it to do.

There’s also the ambiguity of how you want Caddy to handle the non-HTTPS sites. For that reason, you’ll have to explicitly configure Caddy - maybe disable HTTPS altogether for it, or serve a self-signed certificate, maybe redirect down to HTTP, whatever you want - but Caddy has no automatic handling for sites that fail on Automatic HTTPS.


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