Assistance with Browse Directive

Basically i have a CDN hosted for private use, I have some episiodes of a anime on there that i want to watch in my browser. But when i navigate to it (they are .avi files)
It flat out downloads instead of opening them

What i want it to do, is open the video inside the browser to watch,WITHOUT downloading
Or at the very least, stream them using Windows10+VLC

Will upload my Caddy file in a minute, on phone at the momen, {
        root /opt/caddy/cdn
        #index index.html
        log /opt/caddy/log/cdn.log
        browse / /opt/caddy/tpl/browse.tpl
}, {
        basicauth / pass word
        log /opt/caddy/log/cdn_upload.log
        webdav / {
            scope       /opt/caddy/cdn
            modify      true
} {
        log /opt/caddy/log/cdn_upload.log
        webdav / {
            scope       /opt/caddy/cdn
            modify      true

my tpl file for the browse directive

                <title>{{html .Name}}</title>
                {{if .CanGoUp}}<a href="..">Up one level</a><br>{{end}}
                {{range .Items}}
                <a href="{{html .URL}}">{{html .Name}}</a><br>

Did you try adding this to your caddyfile?

mime .avi video/x-msvideo

Ref: Correct MIME types for serving video files - Help

Is it the only type of file not working?


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