"ask" query params on Automatic HTTPS question


Just wondering when caddy requests the URL (defined in the “ask” query of the site block) whether a hostname should be allowed to get a certificate what it information it passes to such a backend for it to be checked?

Does it pass the domain in question via a query param (e.g http://example.com/allowed?domain=domain.com)? If not, how else am I able to check what domain has permissions for such in the backend?


Yep! The docs describe it exactly like that:

If Caddy needs to obtain or renew a certificate during a TLS handshake, it will perform a quick HTTP request to this URL to check if it should be allowed to try to get a certificate for the name in the “domain” query string parameter, like so: ?domain=example.com . The endpoint must return a 200 OK status if a certificate is allowed; anything else will cause it to be denied. Redirects are not followed.

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