Are there more caddyfile revproxy examples I haven't seen?

If your pfSense is configured for NAT reflection following the Netgate docs, you should not receive responses from pfSense’s web server for requests to your external IP address, even if you are on LAN. NAT reflection is their name for hairpin NAT.

Should I create a new thread here since the title to this thread isn’t really what it’s about any longer? I figure it might get more attention but I don’t want a breach of etiquette.

No it’s okay for threads to spin off like this, it’s related discussion.

Basically IMO, it should either be “only one person being helped per thread” OR “only one specific issue per thread (where multiple people might have an identical issue)”, pick one.

In your case, this thread is the first kind :wink:

ehhee, whoops, I had already created one. Well, the mods can merge it if it’s an issue. I’m going to mark this one as solved.

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