Are there any downsides to using a shared SSHFS disk for storing certs

Hi everyone!

I have been digging into Caddy lately and I am very impressed!

I am using Caddy in clustering and have a total of 5 instances. Since all these nodes are behind a load balancer, I figured out that I need to use a shared disk or use a Caddy storage plugin that supports clustering. Initially, I thought of using NFS and mount a shared disk in all these nodes, but then I figured it won’t be secure. So, I experimented with SSHFS and it seems to be working.

My question is: are there any notable downsides with this approach? In a clustering env, what storage mechanism would you recommend?

I am using Caddy 1.0.0 stable.


Hi @sandeep! Welcome to the Caddy community.

I can’t imagine it’ll have any notable differences to other kinds of remote file systems in terms of Caddy’s file clustering. I don’t know that there is any recommended storage mechanism; you can go from plug-n-play like NFS all the way up to extending Caddy with your own TLS asset storage plugins, all depending on what kind of requirements/guarantees you need from your systems.

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