Allow access from base domain only

I’ve done some looking and it appears that Caddy doesn’t use .htaccess but rather the rewrite function. I’m not using basicauth because I have set up another service that will handle auth (its actually GitHub - causefx/Organizr: HTPC/Homelab Services Organizer - Written in PHP). Therefore users won’t see links if they don’t login. What is would like to do is restrict direct access to specific directories and redirect to a /forbidden page, but allow them if a link was clicked from the root directory ex. link clicked brings you to But directly trying to navigate to redirects to /forbidden.

I’ve done a bunch of searching but I don’t understand the syntax of rewrite (kind of new, first webserver).

You can use if statements to conditionally rewrite based on a header. In this case it sounds like could use referer; it might look something like this: {
    rewrite / { # Secure the entire site
        if {path} not / # Except for the web root index
        if {>referer} not_has # Only if referer isn't us
        to /forbidden
    status 403 /forbidden

To secure specific resources, you’d need to specify multiple rewrite directives with multiple base paths.

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