Aliases and Multiple Domains

I read in another post about how to define an alias (aka apache/nginx) in Caddy. For example: {
    root /var/www/html
} {
    root /some/other/path

This seems straight forward…

But what if I serve many domains? I am not certain about the syntax. I currently have:

https:// {
	tls {

	encode zstd gzip

	root * /home/jimcook/mpa/custom/{host}
	php_fastcgi unix//run/php/php8.1-fpm.sock
	log {
		output file /home/jimcook/log/caddy.json
		format json

What I am trying to do is serve files, but if they have a specific path, /common7 in my case, serve those out of a different directory that is the same across all the domains.

So in the example above, I would want a site to serve files out of /home/jimcook/mpa/custom/ and that works, but if they specify

I want to get them to serve out of a different directory and I can’t figure out the proper syntax… it seems that using https:///common7 would be odd looking, but is that correct?

p.s. I am in the process of retiring my last apache2 server and replacing it with Caddy. Caddy rocks!

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You can replace

root * /home/jimcook/mpa/custom/{host}

with something like

root * /home/jimcook/mpa/custom/{host}
root /common7* /some/other/path

See the “Change the site root only for requests in /foo/*:” example at root (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation


THANK YOU! It never occurred to me that you could have more than one root directive. This will be perfect and completely understandable. THANK YOU!!!


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