After using Caddy as Reverse Proxy server with SSL , Then I can't login to my blog

I use caddy to Proxy my end-point server.Then I can’t login into my php program.
the Caddyfile is:

blank***.com www.blank***.com

	proxy / 62.***.115.49:8000 {
	header_upstream Host
	header_upstream X-Real-IP {remote}
 	header_upstream X-Forwarded-For {remote}

Everything is working properly , but I can’t login to my blog.I tried to proxy a Wordpress blog , it can’t login too.
Is any possible that I’m using a wrong Caddyfile?

Thanks for your help XD

Hi @shiiko,

Can you elaborate on what happens when you try to log in - specifically, what exactly is the expected behaviour, and what does your browser / website do instead of the normal result?

That Caddyfile looks perfectly functional.


When I click the sign in button , the page just refreshed , and back to login page . no error alert.
Normally , it will redirect to the contrl panel .
I’m using Typecho & WordPress as my website program.

Thanks for your help.

This issue is commonly caused by outdated cache. It’s not a Caddy-specific problem. Try:

  • logging in from another computer
  • logging in from a private / incognito browsing session
  • clearing all your cookies/cached files

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