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Linux (systemd) and Docker

Hi! I’ve been a web developer for a while and I’m sensing some serious gaps in my server/networking knowledge. I’m looking for advice on how to strengthen my skills in this area. I find that I don’t know the domain well enough to ask the right questions.

I’m looking for video tutorials/resources that relate to this world, beginning with the most basic of skills. Using a web development metaphor, literally starting from downloading a text editor.

My goals are to run my own server (like DO or Linode) with a full-stack app. Load balanced, secure, etc. As well as running a home network with some Raspberry Pi’s or home automation things.

I’m solid on the app frontend/backend. I’m handy with JavaScript, Go, and basic command line skills. Just looking to figure out more of the hosting/networking/security bits with as few speed bumps as possible.

I asked this here because Caddy looks like a great piece of software. Unfortunately, I have not been successful using it for much more than than examples in the docs.

This is a good guide to get started with Caddy in a home network. It tried to explain most of the fundamentals needed to run Caddy.


That was extremely helpful. Thank you!

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