Add subdomain to snaps installation with reverse proxy ssl caddy

I have a rocketchat installation using snaps. I want to add a jitsi-meet on the same server. I have completed all the steps as required and provided by jitsi. When I load the subdomain, 421 Site ######### is not served on this interface error is displayed.

I have a VPS configured and in production that has rocketchat installed using snaps. Up to this point, I have no problems. I created a subdomain with the A name pointed to the server. I verified the y have propergated to the server ip.

i have completed the jitsi install using the jitsi-meet server. firewill configured and confirmed and active. When I navigate to the subdomain with https, I receive the error. I suspect that I need to configure Caddy for the subdomain. I have looked in the community for a thread about this topic, my search as been unsuccessful. could you share with me the thread or help with a tip to complete this configuration?

I have no experience with Caddy.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Jason_W_Lewis, welcome to the Caddy community!

If you’ve deployed the version of Caddy that comes with Rocketchat, you’ll need to consult their documentation.

I believe they have a guide here on how to get Rocketchat’s Caddy serving other sites as well:

thank you for the reply. I have played with that file. I will follow up with support.

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