Acme challenge failing

Hello, I’m trying to enable HTTPS using Caddy. I’m running Caddy with caddyfile configuration, my file looks like this: {

timeouts 0

proxy / localhost:3000 {
      except /assets
      except /.well-known

log stdout

errors stdout


But I get this error

2018-05-07T19:39:45.676473753Z 2018/05/07 19:39:45 [] failed to get certificate: acme: Error 400 - urn:ietf:params:acme:error:connection - Fetching Connection refused
2018-05-07T19:39:45.676524376Z exit status 1

Excluding /.well-known from your proxy is unnecessary; Caddy automatically handles these requests when performing certificate renewals.

This means that LetsEncrypt tried to connect to your server, but was refused. Common causes include misconfigured firewalls, port forwards, or DNS records.

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