Access tls certificates for other users

Im sorry to skipping the template but i do not think its necesary.
Im trying to run dnsdist with dns over tls but i need access to the tls certificates to encrypt it and i cant find them anywhere. Would there be anyway to make x user access them?
Im running ubuntu 20.04 and caddy 2.4.2

The storage locations are in the docs:

I tried $HOME/.local/share/caddy but $HOME points to my own and not caddy where can i find it?

ndr@VM ~/.l/share [1]> caddy environ
caddy.Version=v2.4.2 h1:chB106RlsIaY4mVEyq9OQM5g/9lHYVputo/LAX2ndFg=
ndr@VM ~/.l/share> ls /home/ndr/.local/share/caddy
ls: cannot access '/home/ndr/.local/share/caddy': No such file or directory
ndr@VM ~/.l/share [2]> ls /home/ndr/.config/caddy
ls: cannot access '/home/ndr/.config/caddy': No such file or directory

You didn’t fill out the help topic template so I don’t know how you installed Caddy.

Please fill it out.

why do i have to go though all of that just to get the directory of my certificates i should have chosen nginx

You don’t. It’s documented here, as linked above: Conventions — Caddy Documentation

And as you can see, it depends on how you installed Caddy. So we need that information, which the help template asks for.

Ok. But if you’re going to switch software, we won’t have any incentive to volunteer more time to help you for free.

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