About the Wiki category

Community-contributed guides, examples, and tutorials.

This category is for collaborating on a unified set of tutorials/examples/guides for using Caddy. Each topic acts like a wiki page which any member with a sufficient trust level can edit. Topics are sorted descending by “best” rather than “latest” to encourage high-quality posts. They are weighted higher in search results than in other categories.

Wiki rules

  • Replies must be about the original post itself and not used for getting help with your own Caddy questions. Discussion in a thread must be about improving the actual wiki article at the top, not for individual support questions.

  • Content in this category should only be about Caddy v2 and newer. We do not want to encourage the use of old versions of software.

  • Duplicate wiki articles will be deleted or merged. There should be just one wiki post per topic.

  • The content must be original. Please don’t rip content from another site and paste it onto our forums; that’s not nice. Even if you’re the author, duplicating content on the Web is not good manners.

  • Content must be hosted on our site. Do not simply link to a tutorial, guide, or video. The substance for all wikis needs to live in the post itself, not a link. However, please include links to credible sources, references, and other related material often.

  • General guides/tutorials should be un-opinionated. Show only the minimal required configuration; let users fill in the rest for themselves. (For example, if compression isn’t necessary, don’t add it to your config.)

  • Keep titles concise and searchable. Avoid CRAZY CASING or [WEIRD TAGS]… it should be easy to find in a scan or search.

  • No promotional content. Do not post referral links; wiki posts should be focused on their informational content only. We have a showcase category where you can show off your Caddy deployment or integration!

Wiki posts that are not relevant to more than a few users may be removed.

Thank you for being a part of the community!