94% HTTP/2 by switching to Caddy

Just thought this was interesting. 94% of my connections are over HTTP/2 simply by switching to Caddy on an older RHEL system I manage.

In addition to the security advantages of Caddy, I’m gaining all the advantages of HTTP/2, multiplexing, concurrency, header compression, etc.

Just in case you thought the browswer support wasn’t there, it totally is. The HTTP/1.1 connections are mostly IE7 and some IE11 systems, browsers that for other security reasons need to be retired.

Upgrade to Caddy today! Get HTTPS AND HTTP/2 ! :sunglasses:


Very cool! What web server were you running previously? And do you have stats on how much HTTP/2 utilisation you were seeing before the switch?


@Whitestrake an ancient Apache 2.2.x server :scream: where OpenSSL just couldn’t keep up anymore no matter how much I patched it. So no previous HTTP/2 support.

I knew it would be high when I made the cutover, but was pleased with just how high the percentage was!

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