502 bad gateway when I refresh page

hey guys,
I have a small issue during the setup of proxy server via caddy.

  • I was trying to set up a proxy server with tiny RAM(256M) KVM server for route optimization. I believe this vps can handle this because I only have 1000 PV per day.

This proxy server work fine. whatever how fast I click links and open pages.however when I refresh the page. the 502 bad gateway error will shows up for about 10 sec

  • it shouldn’t be the performance issues of my original server because I tried to refresh many times on my original server.
    and the caddy proxy server only use 8MB RAM, free RAM is about 20MB. Swap is 511MB free.


This is probably because at some point the proxy does indeed get an error connecting to the backend. With the current implementation, this affects all future requests, which isn’t always desirable especially if there’s only one backend. I’ve just merged some changes that will go out later this week which “fix” this behavior (although you should try to ensure there’s never any connection errors upstream).

So check back with 0.9.3!

thx for reply
yes, I just have one backend, 502 only shows up once I refresh page
I just checked my error log. which is filled by “unreachable backend”

hope this information is helpful

Yep, just try 0.9.3 when it’s released (today).

thx dude, problem solved

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